How Will the Government Shut Down Affect the Mortgage Industry?

As we get closer to a potential government shut down, I’ve seen several reports on how this will affect the housing market and the mortgage industry. Some of the information is accurate but there are some consequences that have not been mentioned.

The largest impact will be directly to mortgage loans that are being contracted to close during the shutdown. Many new applications will sit stagnant while we wait for congress to come to a resolution. How badly this will affect the housing market will depend heavily on how long the shutdown is. For all the work the government has done to avoid a double-dip housing recession with bailouts and government programs (such as the Making Home Affordable programs) their inability to resolve budget disputes may be the direct cause of another drop in house values. 



Specifically, FHA is getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. FHA has been a savior to the mortgage industry since 2008 at the beginning of the recession providing affordable loans with reasonable credit guidelines. From 2005 through 2007, FHA never represented more than 4.25% of all the home loans originated. In 2010, FHA represented over 19% of all home loans and a whopping 30% of new home sales. These statistics have been published directly by the Department of Urban and Housing Development. FHA will not insure home loans during the shutdown. Lenders may choose in their own discretion to fund the loan and request insurance after the shutdown is over.


As of right now, most reports show that the Department of Veterans Affairs will not be impacted. This is good news for veterans who are currently looking to buy a home.


The USDA (US Department of Agriculture) insures affordable home loans for rural areas. The USDA will not insure new home loans and I’ve received reports that their automated underwriting engine (Guaranteed Underwriting System) will not operate. This not only halts the funding of some USDA loans, but will prevent lenders from pre-approving buyers for this program. Although USDA represents a much smaller percentage of loans than FHA, this program is hit the hardest of the three. Lenders can still manually underwrite the files but most will require the assurance of USDA’s program to approve a client. This is unfortunate after the government spent months working on a budget to fund the USDA after they ran out of loan funds for a portion of 2010. It does sound like USDA lenders will be able to close loans with a conditional commitment up to 90 days of the commitment, but new applications will not be processed and new prospective buyers won’t be able to get pre-approved. Like FHA, lenders may choose to close the loan and wait for the shutdown to end before sending the loan to the USDA at their own discretion.


Now, let’s talk about the big entity nobody is talking about when talking mortgages, the IRS (Internal Revenue Services).

Many of you are wondering, “How does the IRS have an effect on the mortgage industry?” There’s many ways the IRS can affect home loans since we use tax documents to verify income, but not in the most obvious way.

Mortgage lenders rely heavily on tax documents to calculate and verify a homebuyer’s income. Most homeowners will have their tax documents on hand, but the mortgage industry needs more than a copy of the documents.

Prior to the mortgage meltdown, mortgage lenders trusted their consumers that the tax documents they received were accurate and complete. Lender guidelines have since changed. To avoid fraud and also catch amended tax returns, mortgage guidelines require verification from the IRS that the tax documents the lender has reviewed were accurate and complete. These verifications are done by tax transcripts ordered by the lender to the IRS. You can read more about why transcripts are required here.

Lenders are now requiring transcripts on virtually all loans being processed. Specifically, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require transcripts for every loan file. I’ve found some reports that state Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will remain operational, indicating that consumers can obtain a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac conventional home loans with no issues. That is only partially true. If the government were to shut down, any consumer who’s applying for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan will not be able to close on a loan unless the lender had already verified the tax transcripts with the IRS. Any Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan not including transcripts cannot be closed.

This is an issue that appears to be overlooked and will have a larger impact than many have considered. Yes, FHA will have a huge impact, but adding Fannie and Freddie to the mix is a whole different story. According to Fannie Mae, they are the largest issuer of mortgage related securities in the second market representing 44% of the marketplace in 2010.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac represent more than 60% of the home loans originated today, plus FHA represents over 15%. Not including USDA loans, those three entities already represent more than 75% of all home loan issued today. If gone unnoticed, this government shutdown will have a much larger impact than many are expecting.

Do I think this will destroy the housing market? Honestly, I don’t. At one point, the government will realize the size of this impact and implement some type of action plan. I just hope this is noticed before there’s a government shutdown, not after.


Here are a list of items I would recommend be completed based on the type of loan you’re looking to close.


· Order your tax transcripts immediately.

· I haven’t been able to find exact details, but I would order any outstanding flood certifications if you haven’t determined if the property is in a flood zone.


· FHA Connection will still be up to order case numbers but CAIVRS (a program that does a background check on all parties involved in the transaction)will be down, so have your lender order your CAIVRS Reports right away.


· USDA will only insure loan commitments already issued (90 day expiration). If you still have time, try to get your commitment approved prior to the shutdown.

· GUS will not be operational, so all buyers looking to get pre-approved on USDA should process their pre-approval right away and new loans should be ran through GUS if they haven’t been done yet.

13 comments to How Will the Government Shut Down Affect the Mortgage Industry?
  • Carol Patterson

    I am currently working with a lender for USDA loan. I am building a house and I have a contract with the builder now. The home will not be completed until July, the closing date on the contract says on or before 8/1/11. I have already received a pre approval where the lender put my information through the USDA guaranteed underwriting system and they received a “Accept” or “Approved” response from GUS. How will this affect me if the government does shutdown? I think the lender has already ordered my tax transcripts and W2, 1099, & 1098’s as I have signed a 4506T weeks ago. I think they have also checked the CAIVRS. I talked with the lender the other day and they said a appraisal would not be ordered until the house is 95% complete. I just don’t know what to expect and not sure at this point what all they can do so hopefully so my loan will close.

  • Carol,

    For your closing, you should be okay. The government avoided a shutdon by coming to terms on a short term budget over the next 6 months. However, the longterm negotiations on the deficit still loom and it’s clear that the two political parties are pretty far from agreement on terms.

  • swany

    we been approved for a loan with the usda back in february,right we dont know what is going to happen? can tell me what is going to happen?

  • Swany,

    For now, we are safe from a shutdown since the two parties came to a short term agreement but this only proves that the republicans and democrats are getting further apart on budget agreements. You should be safe. Click the link to the story on the comment I left before your question.

  • patrick gao

    I am live in canada, i am going to buy the house in seattle, so I need brorow some money from the usa bank ,but i have not bank account in usa. what do you suggest what should i do ,open the bank account first ? or get property first.?

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